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"Now that my husband has been using the Better Sleep Pillow, our sex life has improved 100%. Thank you Best Sleep Apnea Treatments."

P.Z. - Miami

"I've used the CPAP machine, and it kept the entire house awake with all its beeping. Now that I use the Better Sleep Pillow, everyone gets a good night sleep. We all love the Better Sleep Pillow."

L.A. - New Jersey

"I was going to have surgery to help with my sleep apnea. Three days before the surgery a friend gave me the Better Sleep Pillow, and I no longer need to have the surgery. Thanks to Best Sleep Apnea Treatments."

G.S. - Washington DC

"Now that I have been using the Better Sleep Pillow, I sleep like a baby. I wake up refreshed and full of energy."

H.E. - Virginia

"I can't think of anything better to use to help with snoring than the Better Sleep Pillow. It really works!"

C.M. - Louisiana

"As a single female, I'm extremely embarrassed about my snoring. The Hypnosis CD was the perfect solution for me, and it's very easy to do and stopped my snoring."

M.G. - Florida

"Up till now I used to wake up tired every day, and I used to drink 6-8 cups of coffee daily to get me through. But now I use the Better Sleep Pillow. I have one cup of coffee in the morning and am highly functional throughout the day."

N.M. - Florida

"Everyone who snores or has sleep apnea needs this pillow. I have had the CPAP machine and could not deal with the discomfort of it. The Better Sleep Pillow worked for me, and I sleep well and have more energy throughout the day."

K.K. - Georgia

"I've had my throat scraped twice and tried CPAP and just about everything out there for snoring. I was skeptical, but I figured with it being FDA certified I would try, and it works. Thank you Best Sleep Apnea Treatments."

R.S. - Florida

"What an amazing difference the Better Sleep Pillow has made in my life. I finally get a great night's rest, and I have energy during the day. I'm no longer falling asleep at work."

R.K. - Tennessee

"Thank you Better Sleep Pillow. I don't snore, I get sleep, and my wife has moved back in the room with me."

L.S. - Florida

"The perfect gift. I bought one for my husband, dad and brother. They all love it, sleep through the night peacefully, and I know that they won't stop breathing in the night."

C.P. - Florida

"I lost 5 pounds since I started using your carb blocker program, and I am doing better in school."

B.L. - California

"My husband sleeps better. He doesn't snore anymore, and best of all we can sleep in the same room."

A.T. - South Carolina

"Better Sleep Pillow saved our marriage because I was ready to move out because he snored so much."

S.B. - Canada

"My daughter who is now 14 snored all her life. Then she started using the Stop Snoring Self Hypnosis. Now she is sleeping better, and she is doing better in school."

K.M. - Florida

"I am up throughout the day. I don't take naps, and I feel like a new person since I used the pillow."

A.F. - New York

"Better Sleep Pillow is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life."

T.C. - Georgia

"My blood pressure is better since I have lost weight with your cab blocker program."

D.M. - Florida